What is BROS?


The Biomedical Research and Opportunities Society (BROS) was co-founded in September 2009 by Kanav Jain and Chun Yong. Along with four other members on the Executive Board, BROS set out with a simple goal: to provide information about research opportunities and graduate school for Biomedical Engineering students at Georgia Tech. We realized that although Georgia Tech strongly encourages undergraduate research, there is no handbook that highlights the perfect route to land a position in a research laboratory. In fact, this handbook would be impossible to create since undergraduate research is so open and varies based on several different factors. All of the initial Executive Board Members had different stories to tell about their research experience and the learning process that was involved in succeeding as an undergraduate research assistant. We thought; why not create an organization that would provide everyone interested in research and graduate school with all the possibilities, opportunities, and resources that we have had to look for over the past few years?

BROS got an overwhelmingly positive response from the BME Community. By the end of the first two info sessions, we had 34 members! Over the past few years, we have held several workshops:

  • How to Get Into Research: Undergraduate and Graduate Student Panels
  • The Research Option and Undergraduate Thesis
  • Pathways to Academia: How to Become a Professor
  • Everything You Need to Know About the GRE by Princeton Review
  • Applying to National Fellowships and Scholarships
  • What is an MD/PhD: Emory University.

Members also get access to a database on T-Square that is a compilation of winning PURA abstracts, conference abstracts, scholarships applications, etc. We have reached out to other majors as well and continue to offer membership to all Georgia Tech students interested in research opportunities!

BROS was also awarded Burdell’s Best Award for Best New Organization by the President’s Council! Our current mission is to enable BROS to prosper even more and ultimately become a forum for all things research and graduate school related. We are very excited about the plans we have for the next academic year.

If you are interested in being a part of this growing organization or if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact a member of the Executive Board!